A Day in the Life of an Author

If you've ever wondered what an author does during the day when most people are punching the clock, I'm here to enlighten. Well, this is what I did today, anyhow.

Generally a night owl (it's the best time for me to write since all is quiet), I had to force myself to go to bed early last night because my mother was scheduled for cataract surgery early in the morning. Of course. So I tried, and failed to get to sleep before 4:00 a.m.. Ugh!

After what can only be labeled a nap, I was up, showered, dressed, and ready to take mom to Doc Berry to get her 'eagle' eye. We arrived to find a few others waiting before her. Her scheduled surgical time was 9:55 a.m., but she didn't get in until around 10:40. I figured once they took her back, I'd go back out to my car where I could open the laptop and get some editing done (for the amazing paranormal author, Jami Brumfield).

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These types of surgeries really don't take very long, and I saw a few people come out and leave with their families. For a few moments, the waiting room emptied and I thought, oh good, I can just stay here and edit. Then a lady came out who was waiting for her mother, and she started talking.....on her Bluetooth. Honestly! Here's a great piece of etiquette advice....It is incredibly rude to be carrying on a rather loud conversation on the phone in a small waiting room. Take it outside. I think some people have forgotten that once upon a time (about 15-20 years ago), people got by without cell phones just fine. No one was checking their Facebook or Snapchat accounts to see what stranger said what on their timeline, and no one felt the need to over-share (kind of like I'm doing now, but in the comfort of my own home - not the waiting room) every single minute of their lives in a status update.

Well, she finally got off the phone. She then flipped open her laptop, probably with the same idea that I had -- thinking to get some work accomplished.

Then a gentleman came in who sat on the bench behind me - a connected bench. Poor thing sounded like he might die because he was having so much trouble breathing. Since he was sitting right behind me, it sounded like he was heavy-breathing in my ear. A big distraction to editing (a big distraction for anything, yes?), and so was the fact that he kept hitting the seat for some reason like that kid that is always behind your chair on a plane or in a movie theater. I managed to get through several pages, but saw the futility of devoting my entire attention to the project so I pulled out....Candy Crush!

Heavy breather finally reunited with his loved one (and her new Hawk-eye, bless her heart), and they left. It got quiet once again, and I knew my mom should be coming out soon. I met a nice lady who happened to be the same age as myself who was waiting for her mom. It really was 'Bring you mom to surgery' day. She was nice. Both of us grew up, and lived, the military dependent lifestyle, and while I enjoyed the cool, air-conditioned waiting room, she was freezing. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear long sleeves in 100+ degree temperatures. Heck, I can't get any more naked, and no one wants or needs to see that so air condition is my best friend. You may have guessed that I truly love winter. I'm all about jeans, sweaters, and boots. Good stuff! I feel great when the temperature drops below 60 degrees. All my energy levels come up and I'm peppy. So just seeing her winter wardrobe on a hot summer day in hell..er..Texas made me want to break out into a sweat.

They returned her mom to her, and she left.

Finally, they brought my mom out. She had a big, white, padded patch over her eye. I told her she looked like she got shanked in prison....or signed on to become a pirate! Yeah, always a good time with me. Mom did great and wasn't even woozy. Tough broad, my mom! I picked us up some lunch, and we came back home where food was gobbled, and beds were calling.....(Naps were had by all!)

Mom has to sleep propped up for the next week, but she's doing really well. She feels good, and tomorrow morning (Dangit, what's with these appointments before a chicken even cracks an eye? Grumble, grumble...7:45 a.m. I kid you not!)....well, tomorrow morning is the 'reveal'. Doc Berry will take off her patch, and I'm sure I'll be hearing her holler..."It's a miracle! I can see! I can see!" (She's a real character, too. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.)

We'll be going through this again in about 4 weeks for the other eye. At least then, I'll know what to expect, and will go ahead and wait in the car...with air conditioning...where I can write/edit without heavy breathing in my ear or watching the assembly line of the People of the Patch walking out the exit door. I have to say, though. I'm psyched that mom will have eagle vision, and we can plan a trip to Europe now....because she'll be able to see all the beautiful sights.

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