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Making a Splash in July!

Endings and New Beginnings

First, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to June's winners, Terri H.C., Terri S., and Christina R. (Your book goodies were mailed out on July 6th).

July marks the ending to my relationships with my publisher, Beau Coup LLC. As they make the transition to new ownership, I am also transitioning back to Indie authorship. They are a wonderful group of people and I will continue to support BC authors as I begin to navigate the big blue ocean of publishing. Thankfully, I have fantastic author friends such as my writing bestie, author Jami Brumfield, and the wonderful Crazy Lady Authors; a group of Indie authors who support each other through promotion, tweeting, sharing, shameless compliments, reviews and more.

With this news comes a complete inventory liquidation. This means I am giving away TEN SETS OF THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IN THE KRIMINAL EROTIC SERIES. You read that right! I have ten, count 'em, TEN sets of these two books, paperbacks, ink on paper, that addictive feeling of an actual book in your hands.....for TEN lucky winners. All you have do is.....REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH "YES! I WANT A SET!" and I will let random dot org choose TEN Lucky Winners! This is a $21 value gift which will most likely have some added swag because...that's how I roll! Just ask past winners.

I'm also revealing here the new covers for both books once I republish out this month independently. (Yep, the covers were the product of the publisher and since I am no longer under the Beau Coup fleur de lis, that means new covers....which are AWESOME! There is also some re-editing for the second edition. This means your set, should you be one of the ten winners, is a limited edition, no longer in print set of books. Cool, yeah?

In other news, I am working on book III in the Kriminal Erotic Series, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz, book III in the Harvest Trilogy; Census, and my very first vampire novel, The Heart of Darkness. I'm going old-school traditional, ladies and gents, back to Romania...back to folklore, gypsy curses, and deep, dark unrequited and forbidden love. I do love the more traditional vampires and I haven't seen many of those lately. I think they're enjoying the fact that they can go about their business unnoticed because most people are looking for daywalkers, sparkly vampires, and those that own clubs in Louisiana. They're fun too, but it's time to get back to basics. Look for these three books in Fall, 2015.

As always, thank you so much for all your support, participating in these monthly giveaways, reading my books, and sharing with your book-loving friends. I hope my July winners will take some time to review both books on Amazon. Reviews help other readers when browsing for books so help me continue to grow as a writer and reach a wider audience. You guys rock!

Interesting fact about the cover for Exposed: The background image is a light reversal on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, an image I shot while on vacation there in 2010.

The Story:  Exposed actually began as a simple erotica. But as it's true in real life, it's also true in books; all sex and no story is just boring! Then I went to Berlin, had a wonderful time, saw beautiful places, and ate some great food (and had a beer or two). When I came back, a seed had already been planted that grew into the story that turned Sarah's personal sexual exploration into a real adventure, and an education beyond what she expected, one that exposed the darker side of human nature while shining a light of the best in humanity. As the tale grew, I knew I had to tone down other areas to blend the two, and voila, Exposed was born. It set me on track for the second book which is even better than the first. Now I'm hip-deep into the third story and enjoying every minute of it. I hope you will, too.

So what do you think of the new covers?
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