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There have been a few changes in my world lately. Namely, I am now the sole captain of my ship, the CEO of me. My previous publisher changed hands to new ownership; a lovely lady and gent whom I admire greatly, and to whom I wish all the best. However, the change of ownership gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my experience as an author -- Independent versus Represented.

Some authors find their groove in the hands of a publisher, but for me, I simply felt out of control, out of the loop, and realized that taking back that control was important to me. So we have parted ways, each going off on our new adventures. I made some good friends with other Beau Coup authors, learned much, and did enjoy the feeling of family offered under their umbrella. For that, I'm eternally grateful, and I will continue to share with all of you the new releases from these very talented authors. They deserve it. You, the readers, deserve it. Because we all love a good book, right?

So here's the scoop. My Kriminal Erotic Series which includes Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown and The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss and now back in my home stable and available on Amazon -- re-edited and with striking new covers. The paperbacks will follow shortly.

Book III, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz is being written, and I expect it completed and published this fall so keep an eye peeled here for that announcement.

The first book in the Ghosts of Cardiff Series, Murder in the Vale: The Beginning, was an anthology short, an introduction. It was a mere 10K words so my plan is to complete the entire novel and republish it all in its entirety in spring 2016 as a full novel under its new title, Murder in the Vale: The Mystery at Llandaff Cathedral. 

In between, there will be book III of the Harvest Trilogy; Census (the series veers off into dark waters as the UFO theme continues and combines with a serial killer), my first dark, old-school vampire novel; The Heart of Darkness, and the third book in the Angelic Hosts Series as yet untitled, but will cover the archangel, Cassiel, who was introduced in books I and II, Camael's Gift and Camael's Battle.

Please help spread the word, and as always, thank you so much for your support. If you haven't done so already, sign up for my monthly newsletter (at right) where subscribers receive exclusive news and giveaways each month. 

~ Michele

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