A Huge Discount & A Freebie!

Hi readers!

I have TWO amazing deals for you. Yes, you! 

First, available on Amazon.com from 7/28 through 8/7, DOWNLOAD THE EVOLUTION OF ELSA KREISS FOR ONLY $0.99!  International Download Link Here: DOWNLOAD ON AMAZON.

Book II in the Kriminal Erotic Detective Series has gone ON SALE! What's better than reading a good book during the dog days of summer, right? Follow Elsa as she discovers that a new career doesn't necessary spell 'safe' for her and her friends. Three girls have gone missing in Charlottenburg dragging Det. Joseph Heinz back into the dark abyss of child kidnappings, and an offended Russian shipping mogul with a penchant for pain has set his sights on Officer Kreiss.

Second, one word....FREEBIE! I want to introduce the angels to the world so I'm giving away books I & II in the Angelic Hosts Series - Camael's Gift and Camael's Battle - all in ONE AWESOME INSTAFREEBIE! There are 100 copies to give away so hurry over to download your copy. All I ask is that after you enjoy the book, pop over to the Amazon page and leave a review. (Click HERE to get to Camael's Battle on Amazon. CLICK HERE FOR INTERNATIONAL AMAZON LINK)

Book III, Sophie's Wish, will be out in time for Christmas as part of a fantastic box set put out by the Crazy Lady Authors. I'll keep you informed of that launch date.

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