Don't turn around!

I had a weird experience last night. I ran up to the store (Arlan's, but we here still call it Wuest's although Wuest's has been officially out of business hereabouts for many years) to get bread. It was lightning outside and the air was still, hot, and humid. It was an eerie calm. As it's Sunday night, there really wasn't anyone out so the quiet was even more noted. When I parked, I stepped out into the thick, hot air. The sky lit up as I pushed my door closed. My eyes caught on the side-view mirror as the door swung closed and I saw, for a quick second, a figure reflected behind me. It happened fast, but the impression was a short, thin white body with large dark eyes. I was about to turn around and look, but my body froze and something in me said "don't turn around". Some instinct took over and just kind of walk-ran into the garage and closed the door. I stood inside by the door that goes into the kitchen and watched as the garage door completed closing, but by then, I couldn't see out into the driveway and the street. It was just a really bad feeling. Instinct is simply the ability of all your sensory perceptions to be read by your subconscious brain than your conscious brain. Mine said NO! Don't look. So I didn't. My gut felt tight, and that apprehensive feeling of someone standing me behind me had my heart speeding up. I was thinking once I got inside that a lot of lightning produces very active electrical charges in the air.....which, if you believe in the spirits, you know this helps them materialize. I have no idea what I saw. I have only an impression and feeling, and I'm not a person who gets easily scared of anything. But that feeling....yikes! I also have a sneaking suspicion this might find its way into a story somewhere down the line. I hate to waste a good scare.


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