New Release from Michele E. Gwynn: Waiting a Lifetime

Do you believe in soul mates, that there is someone out there that you're meant to love? How long would you wait for your one true love?

NEW from Michele E. Gwynn, a contemporary romance that explores whether love can last beyond a single lifetime. Waiting a Lifetime is a journey into the lives of Wade Walker and Melissa Ryan, two young lovers who find each other, only to lose each other too soon. A romantic short story that is long on love, and deep in heart. Break out the tissues...


Wade Walker had his whole life planned out. He was going to earn his law degree, marry his high school sweetheart Arlene Richards, and live the perfect life. But life doesn't always go according to plan. Betrayal was about to derail Wade's well-laid plans, and he would soon discover that he'd been on autopilot heading in the wrong direction.

Melissa Ryan had never been in love. A car accident that robbed her of the full use of her legs as a child left the grown woman too shy to even try and date. Melissa spent her time building up her photography business, but despite all her efforts to avoid men, one found his way to her front door anyway.

Wade knew his buddy Jed's sister was shy. Hell, she ran to her room every time he came over. He'd barely gotten a look at her, but when she finally wandered into Pelican's Market, the opportunity to say hello presented itself, and he took full advantage. There was something pretty special about this quiet girl, and even her crutches couldn't take away from the fact that she was simply beautiful. For the first time in years, Wade felt alive. Melissa brought out the best in him, and he proved to her that she was a desirable woman.

Their love was destined, yet his ex-fiancé couldn't let go. And one stormy night set actions into motion that would have devastating consequences. Wade knew he found the love of his life, but would it be this life or the next before they could be together?


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