Wash Away my Sins

Mountain Men, Beards, and Flannel

*****FRIDAY PICTURE STORY****** Today's picture story came a bit late. Thunderstorms, dinner, and a few work tasks took precedence, but I hope it's worth the wait. Plus, it's a bit steamy...better to read at night. Amazing how one picture can inspire more than a thousand words...

Wash Away my Sins

The rain came down in sheets. Thunder rumbled across the sky, and the scent of damp earth mixed with the wild jasmine filling the air with perfume.

The warmth of the day melted away with each cooling drop, but Erin felt only heat. Large hands lifted her muddy t-shirt over her head leaving her standing in the middle of the glade shivering as goose bumps puckered her skin. Ross tossed the shirt onto a rock and soon, her jeans and shoes joined the pile.

He stood facing her, his blue eyes on her face as he began undressing himself. She watched, fascinated as first the contours of his stomach were revealed a pack at a time until all six greeted her stunned eyes. His chest and shoulders were next followed by his strong arms. When he began unbuttoning his jeans and slipping them down over his slim hips, the fire that rushed up her neck threatened to burn her cheeks.

He smiled. "See something you like, Erin?" His deep voice sent shivers down her spine.

She did. And she couldn't believe she was here with him, couldn't believe the luck, both good and bad, that led to her standing here with an internationally known model she'd drooled over countless times when she'd come across his ads.

Ross Stone's career was skyrocketing. The former triathlete-turned-model was now about to hit the big screen in his first movie role, the leading man in an action-hero flick. As a production scout, Erin Rogers found and secured locations for studios to shoot their movies. When she mentioned to GMG that she would be checking out a gulley ten miles outside of Denver for a major stunt portion of the movie, someone leaked that to Ross who, wanting to do his own stunts, decided he needed to see it with her because only he would know if the chosen area would work, "no offense to you", he'd added.
The weather hadn't cooperated. In fact, the mild expected storm that afternoon turned out to be far stronger, and the gulley was a raging river in no time washing dirt and debris down the hill where they were standing taking pictures. They got covered in mud.

Ross took her hand and led her into the middle of the field. "With this kind of rain, we can just wash off. Come on. I'll do you, and you can do me."

His words made her blush although she was positive he hadn't meant the double entendre, or had he? She'd felt nervous and awkward since the moment he'd hopped uninvited into her car. Not that she felt like complaining, but his take-charge attitude had grated on her. She took her job seriously, and
having him assert that she might not understand the terrain he needed for the stunts irked her.

"What?" She came back to the moment just as his jeans slid to his thighs revealing the Navy blue biker-style boxers beneath. It was really difficult to keep her eyes averted from what he had to offer.

He laughed. "Come here." He tossed his jeans with hers on the rock and stepped closer.

Erin kept her arms crossed over in front of her feeling incredibly self-conscious. The rain pounded the ground and soaked her underthings making them nearly transparent.

She looked up at Ross who towered over her by more than a foot of height. He hadn't shaved that morning leaving dark stubble to shadow his jaw. She wanted to rub her face against it.

They stood inches apart in the middle of the glade miles from anywhere or anyone. Lightning lit the sky in the distance, but she only noticed intense blue eyes boring into her brown ones.

"Turn around and lean your head back."

Erin turned and let her head fall back. Rain pelted her face, but then she felt gentle fingers begin to rub small circles over her cheeks and forehead. The mud washed away. Those fingers then worked their way into her hair and massaged her scalp. Tingles ran like live sparks down her spine, shooting out in every direction. She thought she heard him suck in a breath, but then he wound her hair around his fist and squeezed out the excess water.

Before she realized his intentions, his hands started work on her arms from the shoulders down, then her back, and before she could protest, around her waist and over her ribs.

"I can do the rest." She whispered, barely able to breathe, she was so turned on.

"But you might miss a spot." His hot words fanned against her ear as his hands slid over her backside and down the backs of her thighs before sliding forward and working their magic up front.


"Yes?" He turned her toward him, barely two inches from her face. "Do me." His order was given quietly, but he said it with eyes closed as he stood still, waiting for her to wash him.

Erin burned, and she felt both anxious and nervous. Still, her hands seemed unaware of her hesitance because they lifted and began running up his corded neck and into his hair. She had to stand on tip-toes to reach the top, but she massaged her fingers through his wavy, dark hair and worked the mud out. It rand down his face, but she kept slowly working her way down swirling her fingertips in his ears, and letting her thumbs remove the mud from his cheeks. When his face was clean again, she let her hands run up and down his arms splashing the heavy rainwater in every direction. But it was his chest that was her undoing. When her palms skimmed over his hard nipples, her own responded, embarrassingly, from beneath her soaked, peach-colored bra.

She knew the moment he noticed because his hands, which were at his sides, now clutched her hips pulling her against him. Something else had responded to the sight of her near-nude, aroused state as well. She could feel him pressed against her.

His eyes found hers. "Erin?" He asked, questioning.

"Ross..." She sighed his name, and his lips came down, crushing hers. It was a hot, and needy kiss, exploring, nibbling, and tasting.

He held her tight, hands cupping her backside and lifting her onto her toes. Lightning flashed, and thunder rolled. Behind the loud symphony conducted by nature, an alarm bell was going off inside Erin's head. It grew louder as his lifted her leg around his waist opening her further to him. She lost focus, and the ground shifted. The bell rang louder, insisting she take heed.

A final crash of thunder shocked her into opening her eyes. Erin rolled over and hit the alarm, shutting it off. She looked around her bedroom noting it was still dark. Lightning cracked, and lit it up briefly before it was plunged once again into darkness.

It was time to get up. Today, she was scouting a new location for Ross Stone's first feature film. She tried to recall the sexy dream she'd been having, but slowly, it slipped away like smoke in the wind. She was left only with an achy feeling low in her body, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, she
might actually get to meet him .....some day.


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