Three Bargain Books from Michele E. Gwynn

As each series grows, dropping one book down to a bargain basement price is a great present to offer readers.

Now Harvest, Camael's Gift, and A Royal Scandal (from my alter ego, Xaviera Snow) are all only $0.99 permanently. Sure, sure, it's a juicy carrot to hook you all into wanting to read more. Hey, I'm not above flashing my book-goodies to get your attention. Just pretend it's Mardi Gras all year long and enjoy the view..uh, the books! Yeah, that's what I meant....Hey, my eyes are up here!

Only $0.99 Each Forever More! Because I love you! :D (Click the cover to purchase on
(Angelic Hosts Series Book I - Originally published in an anthology of shorts - New Adult Supernatural Romance)
(Harvest Trilogy Book I - The horror begins in Farley, Oklahoma- New Adult Horror/Sci-Fi)
(The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow Vol. 3 18+ Only)


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The Romance Reviews

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