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The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Fans of the Fang

Just wanted to drop in and share that I unearthed and unearthly story I began in 2009. I sat down and began to read this dark tale of a young woman who travels to Bucharest as an exchange student. There, she finds herself being stalked by two men, one on campus, and the other in her dreams. This story delves deep into the Romanian folklore surrounding the 'dark ones', also commonly known as vampires! Passed down from generation to generation in the gypsy clans, the warning is always the same; if you suddenly feel as if you're burning alive from within, run! Only the Curarya have the ability to sense the presence of these blood-thirsty demons. But for Meghan Hartley, the warning may come too late! Pursued through time by a spurned lover, Petr Petrescu is determined to have what is his, but Marku Anghelescu may have something to say about that. He has craved her and her blood for nearly eight hundred years. He saved Mihaela then from Petrescu, and he won't let the vile cur get his hands on Meghan now, not when he has finally found her again. 

Yes...this means I'll be completing this tale, so keep your eyes peeled as I veer off briefly into the underworld of the paranormal, and the mystical tales shared around gypsy campfires - stories told in the dark of night by clan elders who've witnessed horrors, and felt the presence of evil breathing down their necks, and whispering inside their heads.....


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