March Book Madness

Spring is about to, well, spring! And with spring comes all things new like two brand new releases from author Michele E. Gwynn.

From the Angelic Hosts Series comes the second installment, Camael's Battle. The saga continues from the anthology novella, Camael's Gift. Get acquainted with the angels. They don't always follow the rules!

And from the best collaboration of authors ever comes a fun and fantastic new cookbook, Cooking With The Crazy Lady Authors from none other than...the Crazy Lady Authors! Yes, Michele is proud to be counted among their numbers. This unique cookbook not only shares the recipes from each author's own kitchen, but the hilarious spills and mishaps, too. It makes a great gift for Mothers Day, birthdays, house warmings, Groundhogs Day, Presidents Day, Tax get the point! 

A percentage of purchases will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund


Win your own paperback copy of Cooking With The Crazy Lady Authors simply by replying back to this email! Respond back with "I'm In!" A winner will be chosen March 31st by Random dot org, and notified. At that time, your mailing address will be requested so that your book can be shipped. Your information will not be shared out and your privacy is respected at all times. (If you're not yet subscribed to my newsletter, sign up on the right hand side of this page, and then reply to this post with "I'm in!" Make sure you use the same email to comment as you do to sign up so I can notify the winner and get a mailing address)

Can't wait that long? Grab your copy of Cooking With The Crazy Lady Authors in ebook or paperback by clicking the link above:  The Crazy Lady Authors aren't just cooking up plots in their books, they're also cooking up tasty vittles! Hey, we're 'crazy' about you, so we're 'dishing' our best recipes out in this awesome cookbook. It's the CLA's way of helping you serve up outstanding dinners in between reading any one of our published works. We know how easy it is to get lost in the pages. Before you know it, the hours have flown by and it's time for dinner. The hubby is hollering, the kids are complaining, and even the dog wants treats. We figure it's all our fault so why not help you maintain peace and harmony in your home by providing this amazing book of easy recipes to keep your clan well-fed? We do, however, stop short of coming to your house to cook it all up for you. We're writing our next novels, after all! Don't be greedy. Bon appetit!

Camael's Battle, The Angelic Hosts Series Book II Now Available on and

When an angel falls in love, his heart forever belongs to that one soul. For Camael, loving Hannah Adams has been the blessing of his very long life. The only thing more amazing is the fact that he is going to be a father. However, his joy may be short-lived as the forces of darkness plot to release Lucifer from the pit of a thousand years unleashing hell on Earth, and they plan to use Hannah and her child as the key! With the goddess, Astarte, orchestrating her fallen lover’s release from hellish incarceration, secrets long buried are revealed causing chaos and throwing obstacles in Camael’s path to rescuing his true love. Even with help from the rebellious Gabriel, and reluctant Michael, he might not make it in time. Can Camael save Hannah and their unborn child or will Lucifer rise to lead an army of darkness into battle for dominion over the heavens and the Earth? Welcome to the Angelic Hosts, the New Adult series of short stories by Michele E. Gwynn. (Heat level: Sweet, romantic & spiritual action and adventure)


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