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Xaviera Snow wants everyone to feel the urge to merge, the desire to feel a-fire, the passion to be smash-in. Oh, heck. She just wants everyone to get some! So hop over to and download her third book, A Royal Scandal, FREE March 22nd - 24th.

The naughty nanny has been swept off her feet! 

A broken heart can often lead to bad decisions, but really good sex! Xaviera gets the itch to travel and lands in London as the new nanny to the Barrington girls. There, she meets Carlo, an Italian prince who sets his sights on the naughty nanny. Their affair endangers plans for the line of succession, and a royal scandal is born. How ever will she extricate herself from his bed when he conducts a sexual symphony on her body on par with an Italian opera, and how will she survive another broken heart as she realizes she's fallen for Carlo?


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