Angelic Hosts Series New Release Camael's Battle

***NEW RELEASE*** In the continuing saga of the Angelic Hosts comes book II, Camael's Battle.

Sanctioned by the Almighty to fall in love with a human woman, Camael experiences bliss beyond compare. His heart is full of Hannah Adams and now his cup runneth over as he finds out he is going to be a father! But the forces of darkness conspire to steal his happiness. The Dark Ones, under direct order from the self-proclaimed goddess, Astarte, herself, one of the fallen, plot to kidnap Hannah and use her and her unborn baby to open the pit of a thousand years, freeing Lucifer from his prison and unleashing hell on Earth. Can Camael stop them? Can he save his love and their baby? Even with the help of a reluctant Michael, and rebellious Gabriel, will they rescue the mother of the second coming in time?

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Haven't yet read the first book? Grab a copy of Camael's Gift and get introduced to the Angels. (Books I and II will be available in one paperback next week!)


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