Television now focusing more on women's sexuality, and we like it!

I was reading an article about the rise of female-centric sex scenes on television. ( In the article, the author explains how so many new shows are way sexier now because they focus on what women like, what they respond to rather than what men respond to.

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I thought it was interesting, and I even agree that once people started getting past their prudish double standards on seeing a woman having and enjoying her cake (so to speak), rather than just seeing men get theirs while the women are just pretty props has made a huge difference. One of the things it made me think about is the reason why romance novels are such a massively lucrative business. Think about it. Porn is geared toward men. It's about what they like. Porn lacks feeling, romance, intimacy (I know. I review more than my fair share of it for Wicked as I write articles for Examiner). It's pretty much strictly visual, lacks foreplay, or mental stimulation of any kind. It's red meat with no side subtle scent and taste of a full-bodied wine.

Now, if any guy reading this has ever taken a moment to browse a romance novel (also known as erotica, a good smut book, mommy's private time reading) he may have thought it took too long to get to the 'good stuff', but that's exactly the point when it comes to giving women what they want. Women want and need that slow build up. It's why we all read these books, and now, many directors and television script writers are finally getting it! And they're incorporating that into television and movies. Listen, women like sex, too, but women are sexual connoisseurs. We don't need or want a cheap steak. We want filet Mignon...bacon-wrapped and with a side of seasoned, grilled vegetables and maybe some risotto. And before we actually get to that most excellent cut of beef, we want our appetizer...and wine! Oh...and when it's all said and done, bring on the sweet stuff. We don't want 'fast-food sex'. We want the entire culinary experience. Capisce? Now, go read her books (or mine. Just look right). Then, surprise her when she gets home by re-enacting one of the good scenes. You're welcome.


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