Treasured Moments this holiday season

A very special group of writers have collaborated to produce 14 amazing stories of family - all the love, romance, and dysfunction that comes with them. The Crazy Lady Authors, of whom I proudly count myself, present Treasured Moments.

Fellow authors  R.E. Hargrave , Teri Riggs , Aubree Lane , Samantha Jacobey , Linda Lee Williams , Jayne Hyatt , Jami Brumfield , Cherime MacFarlane , Michele E. Gwynn , Terri Hubbard Carle , Kelly Cozzone , Nikki Lynn Barrett , Holly Barbo , J.B. Yarbrough , have all authored stories to make you laugh, cry, and fall in love.

It's a great gift for avid readers who enjoy that special time lost in the pages of a great story. Grab yours today.

P.S. Book II in the Kriminal Erotic Series, The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss is now with my wonderful publisher, Beau Coup LLC, and will be out soon! If you haven't already, download a copy of book I, Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown and begin the journey to Berlin.

Also, look for book II in the Harvest Trilogy, Celluloss due before Christmas! (Harvest is also available in audiobook. Listen to the story as narrated by Ron Phillips of Pinnacle Voice Studios.

Get Book I, Harvest,on Audio!


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