Treasured Moments is a hit!

22 Five Star Reviews!
The Crazy Lady Authors came together and created an amazing box set of tales now available on for only $0.99! You can't beat that with a stick!

Visit their pages and enjoy their other books, and then pick up a copy of Treasure Moments.

R.E. Hargrave , Teri Riggs , Aubree Lane , Samantha Jacobey , Linda Lee Williams , Jayne Hyatt , Jami Brumfield , Cherime MacFarlane , Michele E. Gwynn , Terri Hubbard Carle , Kelly Cozzone , Nikki Lynn Barrett , Holly Barbo , J.B. Yarbrough  

Check out the video trailer here:


  1. Thank you for the nice blog post, Michele! Yes, our short-story anthology is a big hit. I'm thankful to be included with all the other wonderful writers in our group...


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