Looking Ahead and Leaving 2014 Behind

Miss Sophie
Well, another Christmas has come and gone. This year was quite different. Usually, I find myself on my own hanging out with friends as my family (the ones that are here, and generally comprised of my mom and step-dad) would travel off to Louisiana on a Christmas gambling vacation. I know...gambling? Yes, they loved it. The first time I found myself on my own as an adult on Christmas was a strange and lonely feeling. It instilled in me that I was definitely no longer a child, and it was up to me to entertain myself. Never having married, or for some odd reason, been dating on or around Christmas, I would usually feel like the oddball out - and so hanging out with friends on what I considered a family day made me feel weird. I got over it eventually.

This year, however, was a year of far too many losses. In January, I lost my beautiful kitty, Miss Sophie, to old age. In February, my step-dad passed from cancer. In June, a young lady I'd just met (who purchased my lovely oak dinette set) passed away only 5 weeks after we'd gotten to know each other from her long battle with stage 4 breast cancer (she was only 26!), and on December 22, my long-time friend (best friend from childhood) passed away....once  again a victim of cancer. P.S. Cancer, I really hate you! You suck!

So my life turned upside down. My mother, who will be 75 next year found herself on her own. Not used to living alone and taking care of herself, I moved back in with her. I'm so used to being by myself that these past 7 months have been a tough adjustment. It seems that no matter how old you get, your mother will always treat you like a child, even when she's depending on you as an adult. And so, we started a new tradition for Christmas. No turkey, no ham, no stuffing (especially after getting brutally ill on Thanksgiving. Once you've seen your turkey come back up, you never want to eat it again). No, sir. Instead, I decided Italy was the theme, and made a wonderful homemade Christmas lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. We also had a lovely turtle cheesecake for dessert. Between that and movies, it was a nice day. We talked to the family members by phone and Skype. We opened presents. We even had gifts for our five felines (four are mine). You can say it. I won't deny it. I'm the 'crazy cat lady'.

It's technically the day after Christmas, and I, for one, am happy to be through it, and I'm looking forward to finishing what's left of 2014, and putting it behind me. This year, I'd like to travel overseas again. This year, I'd like to not lose one single person or cat. This year, I would like to just write my books, meet new people, and experience new things. But most of all, I'd just like to be happy. So, so long, 2014. Take your Greek tragedies and sod off! I'm welcoming a new chapter in my life, and this time, I'm taking an active role in writing it.


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