Tropical Nightmares Debuts

From the bestselling author of Tropical Dreams, Kelly Cozzone, comes the next installment in her high-suspense and mystery novel series, Tropical Nightmares.

Surviving numerous attempts on their lives including the explosion that rocked Tropical Dreams, David Murphy and Tiana Alexander started to rebuild their lives. Living on the beautiful and tranquil island of St. Lucia, they tried not to let the ugliness of Robert Dubose invade every aspect of their lives. They knew he was coming and wouldn't stop until someone was dead.
Robert Dubose planned every second of his revenge against David and Tiana down to the littlest detail. This time he was leaving nothing to chance. Bringing a partner in on the plan almost guarantees his success.

Can David and Tiana once again defeat Dubose or will he finally get his revenge? Will Dubose and his hidden partner finally succeed in killing them? Can David forgive himself for failing Tiana or will their love be another casualty? 

Teaser Chapter

 Entering the small pathway through the dense foliage, David held Tiana’s hand as he pulled her along behind him. With one arm out to protect his face, he held onto her hand tightly so she didn’t fall behind. He let go of her hand and reached back for the gun he slipped into the waistband of his shorts. He moved as quickly and as silently as he could down the path carefully watching where he put his feet. As he finally reached a clearing, he stopped. Meeting her eyes, he whispered, “Stay right here while I check it out. I mean it Tiana, no matter what, stay here. Do not come into the clearing.”
“David, please be careful.” Tiana whispered frantically afraid he’d be shot the minute he peeked his head out into the clearing. Her stomach rolled as fear and adrenaline coursed through her body. No matter how hard she tried to calm her nerves, her hands still shook and her heart continued to beat rapidly. What was once an area she had explored alone was now a place she feared.

Slowly approaching the edge of the cover the foliage provided, David peered through the opening looking for any sign someone was waiting on them. When he didn’t sense anything, he picked up a stick and threw it into the clearing.

He heard nothing in response to the noise the stick made as it hit the ground. David hesitated waiting to see if anyone jumped at the noise. Seeing nothing, he took a cautious step into the open spot in the forest.

Once he was completely out in the open, David relaxed a little bit sure that there was no one there waiting to ambush them. He slipped his gun back into his small of his back and turned to Tiana. Extending his arm, he said, “its safe sweetheart. Come on.” He smiled hoping to reassure her and wiggled his fingers to get her to take his hand. “I promise, there isn’t anyone here.”

Tiana walked to where David stood and grasped his outstretched hand. “Are we going to be okay?” She asked forcing herself to smile.

When he realized she was still shaking, David pulled her into his arms. “Yeah, I think the shooter is long gone by now. He may be back at some point so we need to make sure we take extra precautions.” He placed his finger under her chin and tilted her head back until his eyes met hers. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, just scared.” Peering into his face, Tiana looked for any sign he wasn’t telling her everything.

“I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.” David said bringing his lips down to hers. Softly kissing her, he tried to reassure her. “Come on, let’s go home.”

She inhaled deeply and let his words comfort her. Nodding her head, she let him know she was ready.
When they arrived back at their bungalow, David stopped her at the back door. “Stay here while I check out the house. It will only take a minute.”

“I’m getting tired of being told to stay like a dog.” Tiana grumbled as he shook his head at her.
“Sweetheart, will you please wait outside while I make sure there aren’t any murderers waiting to ambush us the minute we walk inside?” He asked sarcastically.

Giving him her one finger salute, Tiana watched as he snickered before he quietly entered the house. Making his way down the hall, he slowly entered the bedroom. Finding nothing out of place, he continued his search clearing every room. Once he was sure the house was empty, he opened the back door. “It’s all clear. You can come in.”

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  2. Damn, this is going to be good. I loved the first book!


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