Imagine Films might imagine Exposed!

Something new for Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown. A possible opportunity to get noticed by film producers on IF List (Imagine Films List). Please check out the page, and if you've read the story, or at least think the synopsis and characters sound interesting for a mystery action flick with erotic roots, then LIKE and share.

If you have suggestions (actors you feel fit the profiles) for any of the characters, feel free to add your proposals. This is exciting, and I appreciate all of your input!

I've put forth the first proposal for my detective; none other than Rudolf Martin! I can't think of a single better actor for the role; especially since the role goes front and center in books two and three.

Who do you think should play the starring role of Sarah Brown? What about Elsa Kreiss, Paul Christiansen, and Peter Knudson?


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