Haunting is now LIVE on Amazon!

From Beau Coup Publishing comes a box set of steamy yet haunting tales. Authors Sable Hunter, Jami Brumfield, Alicia Sparks, Eryn Black, Isobelle Cate, Catherine Rhodes, Jaden Sinclair, Ryan O'Leary, and Michele E. Gwynn bring to you steamy romance paired with hauntings, murder, and mayhem. 

What better way to celebrate the month of October than to indulge in a magnificent box set of sinister and steamy stories?

Murder in the Vale is the kickoff to my next series, The Ghosts of Cardiff/A Father Sayer Mystery featuring a hot priest and a feisty detective.

Summary: In the beginning…

Cardiff is littered with ghosts, so say the superstitious and those born and raised in “the Vale”. From Glamorgan to Llandaff, unsolved murders give rise to tall tales of restless spirits. For Father Cai Sayer, these stories become questions of faith and mysteries to be solved. For Detective Sheila Leeds, they are cold cases with suspects who must be brought to justice. In between folklore and evidence, a forbidden attraction develops as the handsome priest and the jaded detective find themselves sucked into a forty-five year old murder mystery. Who killed Jameson Putnam and Philippa George in Llandaff Cathedral, and why?


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