New Novella Series from Michele E. Gwynn: Angelic Hosts

Wow, am I ever excited to be sharing this with you. In just a few hours, my new novella series book I, Camael's Gift will be LIVE on
 This new series is sweet meaning that it is exactly opposite the erotic suspense I write for "grown up folks". The Angelic Hosts series focuses on the epic battles between angels and demons, and the very human problems we all face like...falling in love. This one is PG and full of supernatural intensity. Please check it out, LIKE the page, share it, read it, and then leave a review. Reviews are like hugs for us authors. We really appreciate when you take the time to let us know what you thought of the books. 

Summary: In the heavenly realms, conflict and war are as routine as escorting souls to the other side. For Camael, his routine has just been disrupted as he finds himself irresistibly drawn to a human woman he encounters while comforting her dying child. To give in to the temptation could damn him to the fallen forever.

Hannah Adams’ heart is broken. Her grief drives her to desperate actions that bring Cam into her life. Her attraction is immediate, but dark forces arise drawn to her for reasons unknown. Her very soul is in danger.

Camael finds himself torn between his loyalty to the Almighty, and his love for a human woman, and with the stakes climbing higher, must choose a side, and play his part as the battle for power between heaven and hell begins.


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