Harvest Trilogy Sneak Peek


I've had my horror-sci/fi trilogy on the back burner for a while following the release of Harvest back in 2011. Well, here's some great news!

Book II, Celluloss, will be published out in December, 2014, and you can now catch a sneak peek inside the re-edited pages of Harvest, the story that kicks it all off. In addition, there are links and summaries to new books coming out in the Kriminal Erotic Series, a new novella series titled The Angelic Hosts featuring the first book, Camael's Gift (due out next week!), and a Beau Coup Publishing anthology short for a Box Set (coming October 2014) that will be the prequel to my next novel series, The Ghosts of Cardiff/A Father Sayer Mystery. More on that one later. But for now, check out the awesome re-edited version of Harvest, and the sneak peek at Celluloss, all inside this beautiful new cover.

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