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It's Saturday, and that means leisure time. You might be looking for a good book to get lost in. Have I got one for you!

Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown is now available on through Beau Coup Publishing. This story unravels revealing dark drama hidden in shadows and around corners amidst one young woman's pursuit of sexual self-discovery. Sarah made plans for an educational vacation, but fate had other ideas. (Warning: For 18+)

“Paul, it’s Sarah.”  Sarah’s voice was raw after so little sleep and her tearful breakdown at the table over coffee.

“Sarah?  What’s wrong?”  His tone shifted from irritable to concerned. 

“I have terrible news.  Last night, someone took Anno.”  She had to stop.  Just saying it out loud brought a huge lump to her throat that threatened to choke her.

“Took him?  What do mean?”  Paul sat up in bed, a small alarm bell started ringing somewhere in the back of his mind.

“Someone broke into Elsa’s flat while she was at work and took him.  The police found a rag soaked in ether, and the landlady’s surveillance camera identified the guy.  Some known sex trafficker from Amsterdam; something Gruber.”

Paul stopped breathing.  Gruber.  He knew the man.  Knew he sometimes worked for his uncle.  Knew that Gruber was paid now and again to retrieve a certain ‘type’ of woman from small towns in Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, and Croatia according to Greta.  He was a dangerous man.  Paul sat, stunned.  Thoughts ran rampant through his head.  He knew his uncle was behind this, but somehow, he couldn’t quite believe he’d go so far as to kidnap a child and have him secreted out of the country – have the boy brought to him.  Yet he was more than aware of the kind of monster Peter was; always would be.  If he said nothing, the boy would be abused in ways he’d never be able to forget, to heal from.  Anno would be scarred for life…just like Paul.  He’d feared his uncle for so long, but he only had himself to worry about.  Now, an innocent and wonderful boy was going through hell.  He couldn’t just slink away and hide; not anymore.

“Sarah, listen to me.  I can’t explain over the phone, but I know who this man is.  I know who he works for.  I’m coming over.  Call your detective and have him meet me there.”  Paul stood up, looking around for his clothes.  

“Wait, text me Elsa’s address.” 

“Paul, how do you know this man?  He’s a criminal!  Why can’t you explain now?”  Sarah’s voice rose, and she had to force herself to take a few breaths. 

“Sarah, do as I say.  Time isn’t on our side.  Call your detective.  I’ll be there within the hour.”  Paul hung up and began throwing his clothes into his bag.  He would need to be ready to get on the soonest flight back home.  This time Uncle Peter would not get away with his crimes.  It was time for him to meet Paul Christiansen, the man.  He couldn’t save himself all those years ago.  He was too small, too young, and not even his own mother had believed him.  No one helped him, but he’d be damned if he’d stand by and let this happen to Anno.  No one was there to help him then, but he was here now to help this young man.   A quick shower found Paul dressed, but unshaved.  He didn’t want to spare the time.  Every moment would count from here on out.

Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown


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