A short and hot new series from Xaviera Snow

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From author Xaviera Snow comes a new series of short, erotic, stories.  The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow.  (First entry is The Power of Three), and she has self-published.  The difference is, she says they're true.

"They come from my personal diary, a diary I've kept since around 1980, but it didn't get juicy until 1982.  So I figured that's where the real story begins..."

Snow (not her real name) shares that she has lived an amazing life that began as a nanny to affluent families, but progressed to so much more; personal assistant, plaything, mistress, submissive, dominant, and more.  All of this, she says, she did with her eyes wide open.  The compensation turned out to be lucrative by way of extravagant vacations, outrageous adventures, material things like jewelry, furs, real estate, and money.  She claims to have spent intimate time in the company of many wealthy individuals, and now that it is forty-two years later, she's decided to spill the beans.

"Well, a lot of them are dead or near death by now, and I've changed names, and even locations to protect the ones I really cared about.  But it was a hell of a life, and I always was a giver, so why not share?"

Why not, indeed.  Snow will continue to spill the beans one diary entry at a time.  Is she for real?  Couldn't say, but the first story sure is wild.  I'd recommend it as a bedtime story for you and your lover.  If nothing else, Xaviera's erotic tales will heat up your own love life.


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