Synthesis, original story from Michele E. Gwynn/ idea from author Brea Behn.

It's the year 2039 and due to climate change, food shortage, and war, the human race is facing extinction.  Enter 'Greenies', a new species of human beings created specifically to survive using only the sun's natural energy to synthesize food.  The dwindling number of original humans left are being slowly extinguished, but some are fighting back and seeking a new way to thrive once more.

Synthesis, a short original science fiction story, has now been donated to the Universal City Non-Profit to be included as part of a collection of stories by local residents in a book.  The sales from the book will go to benefit the library helping to provide funds for a new, larger library with more services for all.  Please stay tuned for the release date and a link where you can purchase this and other stories by a wonderful group of local writers; both professional and non-professional.
How did this story come to be?"

This story is the result of “idea meets imagination gone wild”.  I recently ran a contest for the best original science fiction story ideas and ended up with not one, but two winners.  The deal was for contestants to come up with the idea, and I'd write the story.  Synthesis is the story idea from winner, Brea Behn, of Portage, Wisconsin.  Brea’s idea came from a dream she once had that was so cool, so compelling, she wrote it down in her dream journal.  Just goes to show how awesome dreams can be!  You can learn more about Brea Behn at her website,  Her first book, a dystopian YA fiction is due out in May, 2014. 
The story from winner number two coming soon…

Synthesis is an original story from Michele Gwynn.  It is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced or reprinted without express permission from the author.  Synthesis © 2014. 




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