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Earn extra cash by writing your thoughts.  Sounds way too easy, right?  There must be a string attached or something more to it?  Not at all.

If you are one of those people who spends a great deal of time on social media sharing your thoughts, opinions, and personal stuff or if you want to become an online writer of articles and more and need the practice, then Bubblews is the place for you. 

Bubblews is a pretty simple site where you sign up for an account and you can begin 'bubbling' right away.  If you've made the connection between thoughts, thought bubbles, and Bubblews, then you're exactly right.  On Bubblews, you can write whatever is on your mind.

You don't need to be a trained journalist to write here.  It's basically a social media whereby ads are targeted to key words in your bubbles.  Those ads get seen by the folks who drop by your page to read your thoughts.  When someone drops by your page to view your stuff, you earn a few cents.  If someone clicks LIKE then you get a little more, and if people comment on your writing/musings, you also earn a few cents.  Bubblews shares ad revenue with it's bubblers at a rate of 50/50.  Not many sites do this. 

Still, you have to write.  You also have to connect with other users (you're considered connected when they connect back with you.  It's like friend requesting someone and them accepting your request).  In addition, you also earn when you make the effort to read other bubblers' writings/musings and commenting and liking their stuff. 

Like all online revenue shares, you have to make the effort to share what you write out onto other social media like Twitter, Facebook, or whatever sites you use.  The more people who see your Bubbles, the more you earn.  And it keeps earning as residual income. 

The rules are pretty simple.  Write.  Write more than 400 characters per bubble (that's about 75 words).  All your writing must be original and written by you.  If you add in a link to something you've written elsewhere (it must be your work you're connecting to), and you should write a brief summary of what that content happens to be (a summary that is NOT the same wording used in the article/piece because this confuses search engines and lowers rather than increases traffic to your work).  You cannot use foul language and the language used must be in English.  You cannot be abusive in any way to other bubblers or you'll be kicked off.  You cannot plagiarize the work of others.  The rules list is on the page when you sign up so make sure to give it a good read.

You can add images to your bubbles to make them more interesting.  People love pictures.  Always credit who/where you got the image from and make sure you have permission to use it.  Of course this means using pictures you, yourself, take is best.

You can "redeem" your earnings once you reach $50.  That redemption can be sent in the form of a check or can go to your paypal account.  I recommend having a paypal account as it's faster.  FYI, it takes approximately 10 days from the time you redeem to the time it hits your bank (once it lands in your paypal account, you have to withdraw it to your bank -- the sooner you do that, the better). 

So if you're looking for a way to earn a little extra cash doing what you do every day on social media, Bubblews is the answer.  It's great for college students, housewives, and those looking for a little extra money on the side.

You can check out my Bubblews page below and see how it's done.  Make sure to connect with me once you sign up! 


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