Publishers will Google you!

Yes, your online presence matters -- to publishers.  Honestly, I hadn't really thought about it at all, being googled by a publisher or literary agent, until I read What Does a Literary Agent Want to See When They Google You? on 

As a person who has been active on the internet via social media, as a contributing writer on multiple websites, magazines, newspapers, and more, I'm all over the place.  Sometimes I Google me for fun.  And I think saying "I Googled myself" it kind of funny, but hey, we've turned a proper noun into a verb and created a new word for Webster's.

If a publisher decided to look me up on the internet, there would be quite a number of pages to go through.  What about you?  What would a publisher find out about you?  Are you active on the web?  Have you any skeletons lurking in cyberspace that could potentially damage your reputation as an author?

What you put out onto the web is actually quite important.  Read the article from The Write Life to see what actual publishers and literary agents had to say about how they use Google to vet just who you are and whether or not they will offer you representation.

Keep your internet presence up to date and well-monitored just like you would for your credit score.  If there are negatives out there, get them cleaned up immediately. 


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