New crime novel series worthy of reading

Sometimes treasures are not underground in a faraway land, but right in your backyard - or neighborhood.  That turns out to be the case as an article in one of my local community newspapers announced that Bob Doerr, author of the Jim West Series (crime/mystery/thriller) was awarded the Military Writers Society of America Writer of the Year

Doerr is a resident of Garden Ridge, Texas, (northeast of San Antonio) a small but lovely little city not five minutes down I35 from my own home,   He's a retired Air Force criminal investigator and special agent in counterintelligence.  It seems retirement didn't necessarily mean do nothing or play golf, but instead, has turned into a second career as a writer.

I've been reading his book Dead Men Can Kill (available on and can tell you that his lead character, Jim West, is an interesting fellow.  Written in first person, the reader is immediately invited into the mind of West and we see the story unfold through his eyes.  He's a humble man and compassionate.  He's also shrewd and insightful.  In this book, he seems surprised at what a simple demonstration of hypnosis reveals, and further, that he is the one that opened this Pandora's box.   

I'm reminded of writers like Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankel, and Dan Brown when it comes to a continuing series of books written around the criminal investigations the main character is often drawn into.  I'm three chapters in and hooked.  It's a good thing, too, because now I can't give you any spoilers!  You'll have to read the book, and then the series, yourself.

Please check out author Bob Doerr.  You won't be disappointed!


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