Jami Brumfield's debut self-published novel hooks readers!

Publication with an agent or publishing house is never a guarantee of success.  Self-publishing falls even further away from that goal; especially for first time authors.

Now and again, an author strikes gold as is the case for Indie author Jami Brumfield.

Brumfield's debut novel, a paranormal romance and thriller, has found its way into Amazon.com's Top 100 several times all in its first month out. (Released November 22, 2013)

Lone Wolf Rising has accrued 5-Star ratings and reviews from readers and it just keeps going.  Book Two: The Vampire Princess, is due out in spring, 2014 (target month-March).

If you haven't yet read Lone Wolf Rising, now is the time so you'll be ready to read the second installment of the Winters Series.  It's far and above the crowd of other paranormal romance/adventure stories with a gritty edginess that lifts it out of the realm of mush and into the stratosphere of suspense and thrills. You'll get so wrapped up in the story that you'll forget it's a romance until the heat between Rebecca, Lucien, and Gabriel scorches your skin. 

Check out the trailer for Lone Wolf Rising by Jami Brumfield.


Jami Brumfield is a dear friend and fellow author and I am thrilled for her success.  I can't wait to read the next book!


  1. would love to know when jami's new book fire master's rising comes out...is there a mailing list? if so please let me know...lindywld@yahoo.com


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