Advice on creating marketing trailers for books from author Ellis Shuman

Author Ellis Shuman (Valley of the Thracians, The Virtual Kibbutz) lends his expertise in marketing your work in his blog Ellis Shuman Writes.  His latest offering explains how to make a trailer for your newly published one hour...for FREE!

Having earned his success through trial and error, Shuman explains how to use one free program called Stupeflix that allows you to upload images, add text, and even music easily.  He also offers a step-by-step bullet list of what to do and not do to make your trailer interesting and intriguing without giving away the story.

See How I Made My Book Trailer in One Hour, For Free!

Ellis Shuman has mastered the art of painting sweeping panoramas of countries with words that draw readers right into the location even if they haven't been lucky enough to travel to those locales.  His stories do not disappoint, either.  One reviewer states "Mysterious disappearances, betrayals, loyalty. Crooks, cops, an enigmatic archaeologist, helpful strangers. All these come together against a backdrop of beautiful Bulgarian vistas, crowded cities and down-to-earth rural villages. Then for good measure we have a Peace Corps Volunteer in the mix.

Ellis' book can be described as a "travel fiction" since the story hinges as much on the setting as on the main characters. Both are developed expertly and the interplay is seamless as the story unfolds. As we follow the twists and turns of the plot we are treated to fascinating lessons in Bulgarian culture, geography, customs and folkways, mores and ways of thinking. The writer's observations about the country are always relevant to the action, as well as being informative and fascinating.

Shuman resides in Israel and if you follow him on Twitter, will happily send you greetings all the way from the old country. 

Example of my own video made on Stupeflix for Harvest, a short story science fiction available on


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