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Hello readers,

I wanted to give everyone a heads-up about my Countdown Holiday Promotion on Amazon.com for both Harvest and The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer.

The countdown begins December 1st, and runs through December 8th, 2013.  Each day, the Kindle pricing reduces so you can purchase the books at a lovely discount just in time for Christmas.

Harvest reviews are awesome!  Five Star Rating in its first year.  

From S. Warfield, an Amazon.com Top 1000 Reviewer – “This is a very well-written sci-fi story that has a creep factor that is off the chart. It is frightening and the story also has a moral lesson to it. I really enjoyed reading it and it is definitely a page-turner. A very creative short story from this author.”

From Independent Filmmaker Emanuel Bermudez – “A must read! This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Definitely a page turner for anyone who likes a good sci-fi book. In fact I would be bold enough to say that if you've never read Sci-fi, this is a great start.”

From Indie Author Rebecca Alizadeh – “Hooks you and keeps you reading start to finish!  What a great sci-fi short story! For fans (or even not-so-great fans) of sci-fi will be completely hooked from the beginning. The story is well written, suspenseful and keeps you guessing until the end.

Three cheers for Sam, Emmie, Sophie, and Moose-Edward, the cat family in The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer.

The latest reader review for The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer from L. Glasco:  "Five Stars A very worthy first book. - I loved the sweet story and I loved the illustrations... I would like more stories about this little family of cats. Good job!"

Be sure to check out the Amazon.com Countdown Promotion for great prices on these two labors of love.

M. Gwynn is a freelance journalist, author, editor, and blogger.  She is a contributing writer for Sssh.com, AlwayzTherro.com, Yahoo Voices, and Examiner.com as the San Antonio Sex & Relationships advisor.


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