New YA supernatural romance coming soon from author Jami McDonald Brumfield

As much as I love writing, I also enjoy reading, and when I can combine reading with editing (which means working doing something I truly love), then life is good.  With that said, I wanted to throw out a heads-up about a fantastic new novel coming soon from Indie author Jami McDonald Brumfield.

Lone Wolf Rising is Brumfield's debut Young Adult reader supernatural adventure/romance.  After editing this book, I wished that it had come out before the Twilight Saga.  While Twilight was captivating, and I am a fan of Stephanie Meyer, Lone Wolf Rising offers more by way of the supernatural world.  It also has something that Twilight lacked; grit, and a darker reality.

The story of Rebecca Elizabeth Winters, her twin sister, Savannah, and younger brother, Hunter, will draw readers into their world of intrigue surrounding the unsolved murder of their parents.  Rebecca is no shy, emo teen.  She's tough and fearless.  Not one to stand by mute, she takes the initiative to do what she must to seek out those who took the lives of her beloved mother and father.

Her path leads her to a pack of wolves; werewolves.  And the journey doesn't end there.  Once the curtain is lifted to the supernatural world, more creatures are revealed, and she is joined by a guardian Nephilim, a werewolf enforcer, a dream weaver, a psychic, a witch, and more as one clue leads to another and nothing is as clear as it once seemed.

The first of three novels is set in Phoenix, Arizona amidst the beautiful desert plains and mountains.  Phoenix is also where Brumfield makes her home with her husband and their dog.

Keep an eye out here for the publication date!  The Arizona Pack is coming soon to your neck of the woods.  


Jami McDonald Brumfield is a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master by day, and writer by night.  Her knowledge of the spiritual and paranormal worlds is evident in the pages of her book.  This is her first book of fiction, but not her first published work.  She has moonlighted as a relationships, television, and buzz news expert for since 2009.  She enjoys reading the young adult genre as much as she enjoys writing it.   

M. Gwynn is a freelance journalist, author, editor, and blogger.  She is a contributing writer for, FashionErotica Magazine,, and as the San Antonio Sex & Relationships advisor.  


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