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The Romance Reviews

UFO sighting inspired Harvest

I’ve always loved the science fiction genre. Nothing cemented that for me more than a frightening UFO sighting on January 6, 1995 in my hometown of Schertz, Texas. 

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It was the middle of the day (around noon) with clear skies.  Driving past a row of grazing pastures that are now filled with homes; my mother and I noticed something hovering off to our right.  Being near Randolph Air Force Base, we thought it probably was some kind of training aircraft.  I turned to look at saw not one, but two huge spherical-shaped objects hovering stock-still in the sky, side by side.  They were a silvery-reflective color and had no lights, no windows, no visible point of entry, and no visible landing gear.  To put it in perspective, they looked like two football stadium-sized, oval ball bearings.  I begged my mother to pull over.  Initially, she refused, but I convinced her.  We U-turned and pulled back around.  There we sat watching these two objects hover; not a sound could be heard.  Suddenly, the one on the left shot straight up at a speed I can’t even comprehend.  The one on the right hovered away from us, then it, too, shot up and was gone in the blink of eye.   

We didn’t report the incident because we feared people would think we were crazy.  It took many years before I gave this accounting to MUFON.  It also took a few years before I was able to sleep peacefully at night without fear of something coming to ‘get’ me.  To this day, the only discontinuity to either of our retellings of this story is this; my mother says we got out of the car and walked over to the fence line to better view the UFOs.  I maintain that I never left the car, but sat in the passenger’s side looking out the window.  That is the only difference in our memory of our UFO sighting.  I wonder why?


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