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I write quite a bit about animal rights.  I'm constantly astounded and dismayed by the inhumanity and lack of compassion shown to animals by people; the supposed care-takers of the earth.  It breaks my heart to see that people have an ability to be so cruel to any living creature.  With that said, any opportunity to save an animal from a feedlot or factory farm where they live in dismal conditions and face a death sentence is a most worthy opportunity.  The good people of Farm Sanctuary work hard every single day to raise awareness about the abuse and neglect at factory farms.  They have three locations throughout the US (Watkins Glenn, NY; Orland, California, and Los Angeles, CA) where they provide a safe haven, a forever home to farm animals rescued from horrific abuse situations.  They couldn't do any of this without donations provided by people like me and you who care about what happens to all of earth's most innocent creatures.  This year, you can help by adopting a turkey!  That's can officially adopt (sponsor) a turkey with your generous donation. Check out what's happening down on the farm!

It’s the time of year when everyone is talking about turkeys. At Farm Sanctuary, we are celebrating their lives and wonderful personalities! 

Join us by sponsoring a turkey through our Adopt A Turkey project today while there is still time to have your gift doubled as part of the $100,000 matching challenge!

Farm Sanctuary is home to 70 turkeys who have been rescued  from horrible situations of cruelty and neglect. In commercial turkey farms, baby turkeys commonly have the tips of their beaks and toes cut off so that factory farm owners can cram more highly stressed birds into dim, dirty, and crowded warehouses This is the case for the 46 million turkeys who are slaughtered just for Thanksgiving alone. Thankfully the story does not always end there … as in the case of Gable, Thyme, and Payton.

Payton was left at the gates of our Northern California Shelter in 2009 with nine other baby turkeys who had been rescued from life on a factory farm. Payton’s curiosity has delighted countless visitors to the shelter. This Thanksgiving he will be enjoying the finer things in life, such as pumpkin and cranberries. Sponsor him today!

Like Payton, Gable and Thyme were left at the gates of Farm Sanctuary in 2011. And, like millions of turkeys raised for meat, they had been debeaked, a mutilation they will live with for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, they both are now free from harm and will enjoy the rest of their days at Farm Sanctuary — Thyme at our Northern California Shelter and Gable in Acton, California. Sponsor them, and they will brighten your Thanksgiving.

By sponsoring Gable, Thyme, Payton, or one of our other amazing turkeys today through the Adopt A Turkey project, you help Farm Sanctuary continue our work, while spreading compassion to loved ones this holiday season!


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