Blogging can be lucrative!

In order to make money as a freelance writer, you pretty much have to be busy writing all the time.  Sure, you get to set your own hours, but believe this; you will be working more hours for yourself than you ever did for an employer.  One way to make money as a writer is to blog.

You can blog for yourself or for others, but the best way to earn decent scratch is to do both. ( offers FREE blogs)

Work for yourself!

Starting your own blog is a great way to utilize your writing talents while simultaneously advertising your gift for the written word, but it will take some time.  Don't expect to suddenly be rich by espousing your personal opinions.  You have to do the research and find your niche.  Successful blogs are the ones that focus on a particular topic or category.  If you're passionate about food, you might start a blog featuring your homemade recipes, or if you're a talented gardener you might blog about how to grow produce, etc.  Stick to one area to avoid confusion.  By doing so, you'll become noted for that focus and this increases your chances of being featured as a link on other sites which helps increase your site traffic.

Monetize it!  

The first way to start making a little "mad money" with a personal blog is to monetize it.  One of the most popular ways to do this is through Google Adsense.  Adsense is a PPC (pay per click) program where you (the site owner) earn a percentage of ads clicked on by visitors to your site.  Once approved by Google Adsense, they will place content focused ads on your site.  You cannot click on these!  That is a sure way to get kicked out of the Adsense program.  Only visitors to your site may do this.  There are many rules involved with participating in the Adsense program.  Make sure to read the rules and regulations and follow them. (Top 10 Blog Monetization Strategies)

You won't earn much in the beginning, but as site traffic begins to increase through relevant and well-written content and social media (you definitely must market your site out onto social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., in order to build your following) you will notice an increase in earnings.

Blog for others!

There are many sites advertising the need for good content producers such as, Yahoo Voices,, and more.  Look for sites such as these to see which ones interest you and fit your style.  These sites pay content producers a particular amount per thousand reads (CCM).  Yahoo Voices (formerly Associated Content) has a tier system where you earn more per thousand views by the tier level achieved through your site traffic.  They have multiple incentives through rewards, contests, etc.

Other sites such as start-up magazines and business websites seek out content producers for specific SEO articles and they pay, usually, by the article. Pay per article can be as low at $1 up to $200.  It depends upon the site, your experience, and expected quantity of articles within a given time frame.  Don't count out the lower paying sites, though, because if they are steady, they provide the service of being an example of your work.  Those small sites may even offer you a letter of reference or refer you to other sites they work with which may pay more.  Networking is important in the freelance writers world.

Write every day!

Finally, you must be prolific.  A writer writes.  That's what we do.  To be successful, you need to write every day.  Try making a schedule in which you blog for yourself for so many hours (to include putting those articles out on social networks); blog for others (the priority!), and if you're working on a book, don't forget to dedicate some hours to that each day as well.

Remember that not everything you write will be gold, but the more you write, edit, review, and publish, the more successful you will be.  Each word typed adds to your experience.  


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