As a journalist turned author, I thought it time to start a page dedicated to my books, events, updates, etc.  I'm happy to announce the recent independent, self-publication of my first two books, Harvest and The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer, on Amazon.com.

Both books are slowly gaining momentum in sales and recognition here in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Right now, both books are available for download onto Amazon Kindle, your PC or MAC (using Amazon Kindle's free ap), iPhone, iPad, and any Android OS for a mere $0.99!  No kidding.  It's my marketing mojo at work; making the books affordable so you will be further tempted to give them a read.  (The downloads are FREE to Amazon Prime members).

The books are also available in paperback for the die-hard book worms who just love the feel of a book in hand and the scent of fresh ink on paper.  I'm one of those, so I quite understand.

I intend to continue the series of The Cat Who...with the next book, The Cat Who Found a Pot of Gold.  The main character of Sam will be a world-traveling cat who gets into all kinds of fun in different countries.  I plan to use the travel as an opportunity to introduce common words and phrases from other languages so children can become familiarized with those languages.  There's no telling what Sam and his feline friends will find on their journeys.

My second science fiction/suspense, The Maze, will be coming out within the next three months.  I love Sci-fi!  I'm a huge Dr. Who fan, and also a Torchwood fan.  I traveled to Cardiff, Wales in April of 2010 and had the chance to visit the quay where many of the series' scenes were shot.  I even checked out the Dr. Who Exhibit nearby.  I was in geek-girl heaven, I tell you!

The neat thing about my science fiction work is that the stories are either inspired by true life events (such as with Harvest), or crazy dreams that boggle the imagination as with The Maze.  I don't like the usual pablum served up some science fiction tales.  I like stories that make a person think.  I also love it when the protagonist, villain, bad guy, monster is somewhat unknown.  As a reader, you know where the evil lies, but not quite what form it takes.  Nothing is more frightening than the unknown.

I'm very excited to be taking this turn in my life path.  I hope you'll travel some of it with me and enjoy the scenery along the way.  It's wonderful to meet you all!


Michele E. Gwynn

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